Client Feedback


Client Feedback

Here’s what our clients have said about Help Me Format:

Template created for contractors with customised styles
Template created for contractors with customised styles

“Your work has been superb and customer service wonderful. I am really happy with this document.” – Emily

“Thank you so much. I really wasn’t sure how I was going to get all this done on my own.” – Christina

“The styles look great and thank you for the guide as well.” – William

“This looks really nice and the drop down selections are a god send !! You don’t know how many times I type them in !!” – Nathan

“Honestly looking great, exactly what I was hoping for.” – Nathan

“Thank you very much.  Would be very keen to use you again.” – Mike

“These look great!  Thank you so very much for all your help!” – Liz

“The presentation looks great, I am very appreciative of your efforts.” – John

“Thanks for all your help yesterday. Presentation went well today. People think I know my stuff.” – John

“That’s fantastic!!!  Thank you for your great work.” – Frank

“That is great!  Very impressed.” – Kim

“Thank you very, very much for the great job that you have done.” – Kim

“That looks great.  The colour looks good, the layout is great and the formulas work.  Good job.  Thanks a lot.” – Steve

“You’re a star!  Altogether I am very appreciative of your patience and understanding.  It looks very good now.” – Helen

“I’ve been testing away on a new document, and thus far it all makes perfect sense, and seems to work beautifully. Thank you also for that great idea of your formatting template. Genius.” – David

“Nice job, it’s looking really good, really happy with your work :)” – Sophie

“Great Job, looking good.” – Brad

“Your work is terrific.” – Peter