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Help Me Format’s Standard Rates are as follows:

Document Formatting
Time Frame Hourly Rate Per 15 Minutes
1 hour or less $55.00 $13.75
> 1 hour and < 3 hours $50.00 $12.50
3 hours or more $45.00 $11.25
Customised Document Styles and Templates
Hourly Rate Per 15 Minutes
$60.00 $15.00
Training Material
  • Please Contact Us to discuss purchasing our existing training material.
  • All prices are charged in Australian Dollars ($AUD).  GST not applicable.
  • Minimum charge is 15 minutes.
  • As work will be tailored to your individual needs, please Contact Us to discuss your requirements.
  • For customers with a large job or who wish to use our services on a regular or semi-regular basis, please Contact Us to see what we can do for you.

Terms and Conditions; Privacy

  • Whilst we will do our utmost to ensure the files we fix or create for you function correctly and to requirement, and re-created documents are accurate, it is ultimately your responsibility to check and test any files received from Help Me Format.
  • Please view our Terms and Conditions; Privacy.
    • By engaging Help Me Format’s Services, you agree to the Terms and Conditions.