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Customised Training

 Custom Document Styles and Templates
  • Although we provide written training material with our Customised Styles and Templates, we may be able to come onsite and provide your staff with a run through of how to access and use your Templates and Styles, as well as some other Word tips and tricks.
    • Staff are more likely to make use of the templates and styles properly if they have had some physical training.
    • An alternative to this is creating some custom Training Videos.
    • Please Contact Us to discuss.
Custom Office Training
  • As a one-off session, or a group of occasional sessions, Help Me Format may be able to provide the following training to businesses onsite.
    • Microsoft Word
      • Basic Level / Level 1
      • Intermediate Level / Level 2
      • Tips and Tricks
    • Microsoft Excel
      • Basic Level / Level 1
      • Intermediate Level / Level 2
      • Tips and Tricks
    • Microsoft PowerPoint
      • Basic Level / Level 1
    • Microsoft Outlook
      • Basic Level / Level 1
  • Most sessions are approximately 2.5 hours including a break
  • We have designed our Basic sessions to
  • We can deliver training one-on-one or in small groups.  We can bring a laptop or two, but otherwise you will need to provide
  • We offer Customised Training Solutions to meet your needs.
  • So many courses available have set topics. Sometimes you have to attend a Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 course in order to learn the 8 topics that you want.
    • Help Me Format lets you choose what you want to learn – we’ll teach you what you’re actually interested in, not what someone else thinks you need to know!
    • We can provide you with a list of topics, then you can choose what is applicable.
    • We can still tailor the classes at a beginner, intermediate or advanced level based on your skill level.
  • Perhaps you want to learn how to format your documents yourself; or maybe you want to learn how to set up a mail merge. You might want to learn more about your email program such as Outlook so you are getting the most out of its features; or maybe you want to learn more about using Windows in general, and good file management techniques.
  • If you have customised software in your business, we may be able to work with you to deliver a tailored solution.
  • Help Me Format is based in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Face-to-face training or consultation may be able to be provided onsite or on location if you are within about 35kms of Melbourne; a travel surcharge may apply depending on travel distance required.
    • Training in the Melbourne CBD, Inner Suburbs, Western Suburbs and Geelong should be possible.
  • We can also run classes in places like Neighbourhood Houses, Community Centres and Libraries.
  • Training is available remotely (if you choose). Using some free, secure software, we can take over your screen and show you on your own PC whilst we chat via Skype.
  • Training can be one-to-one or in small groups. Depending on your needs, we may also be able to cater to medium-sized groups.
  • Contact Us for a confidential discussion to see if we can meet your training needs!
Locations We Can Assist
  • If you are within approximately 50kms of Melbourne, we may be able to assist with onsite training at your business premises.
  • Training in the Melbourne CBD, Inner Melbourne Suburbs, Western Suburbs, and Geelong and the Surf Coast should be possible in most cases.
  • A travel surcharge will apply depending on travel distance required.
  • Onsite visits will be provided at Help Me Format’s discretion.